Clash for Windows v 0.20.36


  • Update Electron: Updated Electron from version 22.3.18 to 22.3.24.
  • Add Indicator to Shortcut Navigator: Added an indicator to the shortcut navigator in the menu.
  • Use WOFF2 Instead of TTF: Switched from TTF to WOFF2 for Material Icons.
  • Prevent DNS Reset: Added a check to prevent DNS reset if it has not been changed.
  • Custom Placeholder for Title: Added a custom placeholder for the title in the title bar. For example, %tun?On:Off% will display “On” if the TUN mode is enabled, and “Off” otherwise.
  • Miscellaneous: Addressed and fixed various minor glitches.


文件 大小
Clash.for.Windows.Setup.0.20.36.exe 83.1 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36-win.7z 75 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36-arm64-win.7z 75.3 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36-x64-linux.tar.gz 106 MB
Clash.for.Windows.Setup.0.20.36.arm64.exe 82.3 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36.dmg 110 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36-arm64.dmg 105 MB
Clash.for.Windows.Setup.0.20.36.ia32.exe 78.8 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36-arm64-mac.7z 71 MB
Clash.for.Windows-0.20.36-arm64-linux.tar.gz 106 MB
>Source code (zip)
>Source code (tar.gz)
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